Beware of Fraudulent Phone Calls from Imposters Claiming to be from the IRS

Click on the link below to learn more on how to protect yourself from such imposters.

Be Wary of Order Confirmation” Emails

Watch out for the seasonal scam asking you to “confirm” an online e-commerce order or package shipment, and resist the urge to click the included link or attachment. Asprox spam botnet hopes to catch would-be victims off guard during the busy holidays, posing as a message from merchants like Walmart or Target. Asprox infects Windows PCs to harvest email credentials and other passwords, and perpetrate malware attacks.

If you receive an e-mail from a recognized brand that references an online or in-store order and you think it might be legitimate, do not click the embedded links or attachment. Instead, open up a Web browser and visit the merchant site in question. Generally speaking, legitimate communications about order issues will reference an order number that can be used to look up the order status at the merchant’s Web site.

Grandchild in prison

If someone calls you purporting that your grandchild is in a foreign prison and they need you to wire money to get them out, it is most likely a scam. They will ask you to wire the funds using Western Union so as not to raise any suspicions if you come to the bank.

Frauds & Scams

Beware of a malicious “ransomware” infecting computers called CryptoLocker. It encrypts your files and won’t let you access them unless you pay the crooks a ransom. It is different from other types of ransomware that can usually be removed to restore access. CryptoLocker is a military-grade encryption and only the crooks have the decryption key. Here is a link to provide you with more information